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About Juma Amazon Lodge

Located three hours away from Manaus by boat (or 25 minutes by hydroplane), the trip to the lodge is a spetacular tour by itself. Juma┬┤s region is remote and relatively untouched.

The Juma Lodge is a small and comfortable hotel designed to be totally integrated to the Amazon Jungle. The construction and operation of the lodge comply with and respect the limitations of the environment, which is the very reason for the hotel to exist.

The lodge was built on solid ground and is supported on stilts. This type of construction is necessary due to the flood season, when the river water level rises up to 15 meters (40 feet).


Bungalows in the middle of the Amazon Rainforest

Juma Lodge has only 23 bungalows, with its construction totally integrated to the Amazon Rainforest.

While carefully preserving the environment, Juma Lodge offers excellent facilities for a lodge located in the jungle and has comfortable rooms with veranda, hammock, fan, minibar (optional) and private bath.

Forest Bungalows:
Each bungalow built on stilts, has two large rooms overlooking the Amazon rainforest.

Lake View Bungalows:
The lake view bungalows, which sit among the treetops at 15 meters above the lake, are located in a secluded and exclusive area of the lodge, and thus offer total privacy. They were designed to be fully integrated into the surrounding forest, and were built with a respect for the local environment. In these bungalows you, our guest, will be able to feel the real enchantment and mystery of the Amazon. The communion of the lodge with nature is crowned by the constant presence of monkeys, macaws and toucans.

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