Tips - Food and Drink


The mainstay of the Brazilian diet is rice and black beans. These generally accompany either beef, chicken or fish. Steak is a national passion. It is very good and the portions served are massive. Generally Brazilian cuisine is not very adventurous. In the large cities there are almost every variety of international restaurants. There are certain regional specialities. The South is famous for its barbecues, the Northeast for its spice seafood dishes.

Brazil has an enormous variety of fruit, all the ones you've heard of and plenty of ones that are unique to the country. They're certainly worth trying!


Along with the vast selection of fruit, there is of course an endless array of delicious fresh fruit juices around. Brazil is well-known as a country of coffee. In general, Brazilians like it very hot, very strong, very sweet and very often. The popular alcoholic drinks are beer and cachaca ("sugarcane alcohol"). The beer is served ice cold. "Cachaca" is the main ingredient of the renowned "caipirinha", a mixture of crushed ice, sugar, lemon and "cachaca". It is impossible not to like this!